15 Beautiful Throwback Photos Of Angelina Jolie You Need To See


Angelina Jolie is definitely one of those Hollywood stars who has managed to stay relevant for a couple of decades. Today, we thought we would take a look at some throwback photos of the star, by sharing shots that were mainly taken in the 1990s and early 2000s.

As we all know, Angelina went on to become an Academy Award winner. She also created a family with Hollywood star, Brad Pitt, and become an activist fighting for human rights across the globe. However, Angie shattered our belief in true love by calling it quits with Brad Pitt.

If you keep on scrolling, you’ll see Angelina posing for the camera for classic 90s studio headshots, as well as serving us Goth and Matrix-style looks. She pulls off so many different looks effortlessly.

Alright, now here they are – 15 throwback pics of Angelina Jolie we just can’t stop looking at!

15. Let’s Start Off With Angelina As A Teenager

Angelina Jolie as a teen

To kick our list off, we decided to go with Angelina Jolie as a moody teenager. As you can see from the photo above, the Hollywood star was always absolutely gorgeous and she even did plenty of modeling at the beginning of her career, before becoming a successful actress!

14. Here’s The Hollywood Star Posing With Short Hair

Angelina Jolie 2000s
Via: pinterest.com

Next on our list are these photos of the Hollywood star rocking shorter hair in the early 2000s. As you can tell, the actress always had plenty of fun at photoshoots, and the photos above certainly prove it. Angelina Jolie is not afraid to strike unusual poses!

13. And Serving Us 90s Matrix Vibes

Angelina Jolie in the 90s

While Angelina Jolie had nothing to do with the movie franchise, The Matrix, we do have to say that the photo of the young actress rocking a completely black look – leather jacket and pants included – definitely reminds us of the famous movie saga and its iconic fashion!

12. Before Her Breakthrough As An Actress, Angie Dabbled In Modeling

Angelina Jolie in the 90s

Let’s move on to these photos of the Hollywood star posing for the camera in the 90s. As we already mentioned, Angie dabbled in modeling back then and we bet that if she hadn’t become a successful Hollywood star, we would have still heard of her because of her modeling career!

11. The Star Always Knew How To Work The Camera

Angelina Jolie in the 90s
Via: pinterest.com

It’s safe to say that Angelina Jolie always knew how to look fantastic for the camera…seeing these throwback pics of her definitely proves that. Also, we can’t help but notice how the actress’ 90s Goth style and makeup would have been totally popular today!

10. Here’s Angie Posing At A Café

Angelina Jolie at a cafe
Via: reddit.com

Next on our list are these pics of the actress posing at a café while munching on a yummy-looking dessert. Honestly, nobody manages to look as cool while eating as Angelina Jolie does – she just somehow manages to make everything look natural and not staged at all!

9. The Star’s 90s Pics Are Still Ultra-Cool

Angelina Jolie in the 90s

As we already mentioned, plenty of the pics on our list were taken in the 90s and they show us a coming-of-age Angelina Jolie. The photo above – which looks like it was taken in the desert – definitely fits that cool, 90s, grunge vibe that Angie was going for!

8. And It’s Clear She Always Had Fun While Posing

Angelina Jolie 90s
Via: weheartit.com

We also decided to include these quirky photos of the Hollywood star at a photoshoot back in the day…because they definitely show that she always had plenty of fun while she was posing. Angie may have been a young ingenue, but she certainly didn’t take herself too seriously!

7. Here’s A Pic With A Chair Because Angie Could Always Pull Off Anything

Angelina Jolie photoshoot
Via: pinterest.com

Let’s move on to this photo of the young star posing with a chair – honestly, we’re not even going to question what is going on! She’s Angelina Jolie and she can pull off anything, even gently stroking a chair with her leg while also holding on to it!

6. And How Stunning Are These Retro Glam Shots?

Angelina Jolie in the 90s
Via: pinterest.com

Next on our list are these headshots of the young star serving us retro glam looks. Honestly, these photos of Angie may just be our favorite ones on the list – you could tell even back then that she was going to grow into a true Hollywood diva!

5. Early 2000s Angie Was Someone You Wouldn’t Want To Mess With — Or Steal Cake From

Angelina Jolie eating
Via: reddit.com

We already mentioned that Angelina Jolie is a pro at posing with food and we have another photo to prove it. Yup, 2000s Angie posing for the camera while eating cake is definitely a great look – and we definitely wouldn’t dare to steal the star’s cake!

4. Here’s The Diva With A Shag Haircut

Angelina Jolie in the 90s
Via: pinterest.com

We absolutely had to include these throwback pics of Angelina Jolie posing for the camera at a studio because the actress was actually rocking a shag haircut. The shag is certainly something that looks ridiculous on most people, but not on Angie – she pretty much always looks incredible!

3. And Rocking A Pair Of White Daisy Dukes

Angelina Jolie in the 90s
Via: pinterest.com

Let’s move on to this photograph of a teen Angelina Jolie posing for the camera, this time in white Daisy Dukes. Honestly, these throwback studio photoshoots that celebs and models did back in the 90s are definitely something we feel very nostalgic about!

2. It’s Safe To Say That The Star Wouldn’t Do A Photoshoot Like This Nowadays

Angelina Jolie as a teenager
Via: pinterest.com

It’s really interesting to see how much photoshoots have changed over the past few decades – these pics of Angelina Jolie playing around with a scarf in the studio are definitely not something that you’d see at a photoshoot today. However, we thought that these photos were still worth including!

1. And Lastly, Here’s Angie Pulling Off Blonde Hair

Angelina Jolie as a blonde

To wrap our list up, we decided to go with this photo of Angelina Jolie rocking shoulder-length blond hair in the late 90s. Angie may have been more experimental with her hairstyles back in the day. After all, the star is mainly known for rocking long, dark locks nowadays!

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