18 Hottest Photos Of Kendall Jenner That Will Blow Your Mind


1. Kendall + bikini = EVERYTHING!

Seriously though how incredible does Kendall look? Picture: Instagram

We’re officially in love, sorry to everyone else but we’re now taken. Picture: Instagram

4. Sometimes less is more – all you need is a bit of red lippy!

Kendall showed off her enviable curves at the British Fashion Awards. Picture: Getty

5. Just a casual pic… in black dress… on a boat… in Cannes!

Welcome to a day in the life of Kendall Jenner! Instagram

6. Normally a selfie with a dog wearing a DINOSAUR mask wouldn’t be classed as sexy..

But when you can pout like Kendall, then how can it NOT be?! Picture: Instagram

7. Wow! Kendall has certainly perfected her red carpet pose, that sequin dress is B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Who doesn’t love an over-the-shoulder shot?! Picture: Getty

8. Another day, another bikini.

Plus, if anyone has the deets on that phonecase, could you hit us up because we NEED one in our life now! Picture: Instagram

9. Kendall takes a smouldering selfie with a rose

Picture: Instagram

10. Is it any wonder Kendall is one of the most famous catwalk models?

We LOVE everything about this – the dress, the make-up, the fierce slicked back hair! Picture: Getty

11. Taking a break from a long day on set of a photo shoot, Kendall makes some time for tea…

… and obviously has to do it in a ball gown and full make-up. Picture: Instagram

12. No. Words. Needed.

Anyone else getting some Baywatch vibes rn? Picture: Instagram

13. Because you can never have too many photos of Kendall looking AH-MAZING in a black gown.

When you’re in Cannes, of course you going to chill on a yacht in a ball gown. Picture: Instagram

14. Kendall SLAYS at Coachella and we can’t even cope.

Kendall + lace = our hearts are racing. Picture: Instagram

15. Anyone would think she has a contract with Calvin Klein or something…

Tbf look how comfy that two-piece looks. Picture: Instagram

16. Now THIS is how you do holiday glam.

If the word ‘chilled’ could be defined in a picture. Picture: Instagram

17. Disposable cameras?! Kendall’s bringing them back and we’re all for it.

Oh yeah, the bikini looks gorge AF too! Picture: Instagram

18. Can we come on holiday next time, Kendall?

The supermodel makes us all kinds of envious as she enjoys some downtime on holiday. Picture: Instagram

Source/credit:: https://www.capitalfm.com/


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