Deepika Padukone Reveals That One Thing She Can’t Live Without


one are the days when fans used to wonder what their favourite celebrities were like in real life. Thanks to the popularity of social media, fans have as close access to their favourite stars as they can. While taking a peek at their photos and videos can offer a glimpse into their lives, it’s even better when the celebrity directly interacts with them.

Deepika Padukone recently took to her Instagram stories to ask her over 52 million followers what pictures they would like to see. The delighted fans soon poured in their queries and the star chose to respond to some of them.

The first query asked what was something she could not live without. If you are expecting a picture of her husband or mother or even a film set, you would be wrong. The fit and fabulous star apparently cannot live without chocolate cake. She posted a picture of her lifeline meal on the reply.

The second query wondered what Deepika’s photo gallery looked like. The person asked what was the first-ever picture in her camera roll. As it turns out, it is a picture of a young, very young Deepika riding a bicycle.

The next query will have fans confused. One would assume a megastar like Deepika must have an arsenal of stylists and designers at her disposal. However, when asked about the last thing she googled, she reveals it was how to measure glove sizes!

In one of the questions, someone asked her who she was closest to? The fans know how close Deepika is to her husband, Ranveer Singh. The two are famous for their PDA and Ranveer’s extravagant public gestures when it comes to showing off his love for his wife.

So if you guessed the person she is closest to is her husband, you aren’t entirely wrong. However, it isn’t the complete answer.

Deepika posted two pictures in response to this query. A very candid picture of her holding her hubby’s face and kissing him lovingly on the cheek was one answer. The other was a photograph where she looks dressed for the red carpet and her sister is holding her in an embrace. Anisha Padukone, a golfer by profession, is Deepika’s younger sister. The two share a close bond as most sisters do. Though Anisha isn’t that active on Instagram, she has a few pictures with her sister on her feed.

In response to the story posted by Deepika, she replied “my strength, my weakness.”

Here’re some more questions that Deepika answered.

The little impromptu AMA session has delighted her fans. She had left her fans shocked and confused earlier when she deleted all her posts from her Instagram on the eve of the new year. turns out, Deepika just needed to revamp her feed to rid of 2020’s horrors.

Source:: News18


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