Eva Green revealed her biggest fear as an Actress


Hollywood’s famous actress Eva Green has recently told about her fears. She says that once she was very scared of heights. In the 2019 film ‘Dumbo’, Green played the character of Colette Merchant, a confident trapeze artist. The film was based on the unusual story of the flying elephant.

While discussing her intense exercises and workouts to better play this character in the film, Actress Green revealed her fear of height. This time she said, “I applaud the people of the circus, they are extremely dedicated to their work.

They keep on training, due to which they also get injuries and it really hurts. They are extremely kind and good as well as skilful. They are really helpful in gaining confidence because I was very afraid of heights, but they have helped me a lot, they were patient with me and after doing so, I was very surprised at myself.

Source/credit:: https://english.newstracklive.com/


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