Eva Green Reveals How She Deals With Anxiety On Red Carpet


The Former Bond Girl Considers Her Dress And Makeup As Her Armor Whenever She’s Under The Media Scrutiny While Walking The Red Carpet At Hollywood Events.

Actress Eva Green retreats to the bathroom to perform breathing exercises whenever she has to attend red carpet events with large crowds.

The former Bond star is naturally “very shy” and has never felt comfortable at parties because they send her anxiety into overdrive.

“I am very shy. It is a handicap,” she said. “I am never good when there are lots of people. It is a thing from my childhood, I can’t even explain why…”

“I remember my first time (on the red carpet). The Dreamers was about to come out. It was an Armani event, and (Martin) Scorsese was at my table.

“I said to my agent, ‘I can’t go, I have nothing to tell him!’ But then (Giorgio) Armani took me aside and said, ‘We are going to do the red carpet!’ ” Eva has learned to cope with the star-studded events by taking a moment to breathe while she also credits her elaborate outfits and makeup with helping to protect herself from exposure.

“It protects me,” she explained of her fashion shield. “Because otherwise it is very violent for me.”

“I just wish sometimes that we didn’t have to talk, that we were just silent movie stars.”

Eva Green is one of the actresses speaking out against Harvey Weinstein. Back in 2017, her mother, French actress Marlene Jobert, opened up about Eva’s encounter with the disgraced producer. “He promised her, like the others that he’d favorize their careers in exchange for sexual favors,” Marlene said. “Eva managed to escape him but he threatened to destroy her professionally.”

Source:: Aceshowbiz


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