Gal Gadot reveals her reasons for not using private jets and fans are in love


Gal Gadot recently revealed her preferred mode of transportation when out and about. The star’s reasons for this ethical choice is because she wishes to lessen her carbon footprint and leave the planet in a better condition for the sake of her daughters, Alma and Maya.

During an interview with People magazine, the star went onto say, “I think that being a role model and actually doing the things and showing them how it should be done is a big thing, because then it’s being incorporated into their life,”

Adding further, “so we make sure we recycle and make sure not to use plastic bags, not to travel with (private) jets when we’re doing press for movies, we make sure to give back as much as we can back to the world that we’re living in.”

The Wonder Woman starlet also said, “Like when I put my daughters to bed, I play them guided meditation apps and they’ll go to sleep. They’ll fade out like that, which is great.”

Source:: Geo Tv


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