Maria Sharapova reveal reasons behind her retirement from tennis and her current business investments


Maria Sharapova has revealed one of the reasons behind her retirement from tennis was to spend her time in more meaningful ways.

With shoulder pain hampering her career, the five-time Grand Slam champion hung up her racket in February 2020 at just 32 years of age to focus on other areas of her life.

“It’s a question that I went over and over in the last few months before announcing my retirement,” Sharapova told Inc.

“You have to search within yourself and what you’re feeling. Also what your body is telling you and also what your mind is telling you.”

In 2016, Sharapova revealed that she’d tested positive in a drugs test and admitted to taking Meldonium for the previous 10 years without realising it was a banned substance.

“I realised that I was showing off but not as a tennis player by now and I had lost sight of the competition,” Sharapova added.

“It became a hard and difficult process to manage but together with my team I realised that it was necessary to move forward and I could use many other better and perhaps more meaningful ways.”

Now, Sharapova is heavily involved in the business world, investing in health, fitness and beauty companies, while taking full control of the Sugarpova confectionary firm she set up in 2012.

“Before, I couldn’t really pay attention to details or the focus that you have to create when you start your own business,” she continued.


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