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The Sweet True Story Behind Ariana Grande And Demi Lovato’s New Song


Ariana Grande actually wanted to be a ‘mystery vocalist’ on Demi Lovato’s new track, ‘Met Him Last Night.’

‘Met Him Last Night’ by Demi Lovato ft. Ariana Grande just dropped, and their two fandoms are colliding hard. People can’t believe these two superstars collabed so seamlessly without anyone (besides Scooter Braun) expecting it. The gorgeous harmonies! The hard-hitting lyrics! The powerhouse vocals! It’s almost too much to handle.

Demi just let slip the reason for this soon-to-be-legendary collab while chatting to interviewers on the promotional circuit for her new album. Now fans around the world are waking up to brand new Demi + Ari vocals and the cute story behind them:

Ari Wrote It For Demi


‘Met Him Last Night’ didn’t actually come from Demi and Ariana working together. It came as a result of their close friendship, with Demi’s struggles inspiring Ariana.

“Honestly, we weren’t in the studio together,” Demi just admitted to Sirius XM radio. “I didn’t approach her…I’d actually played her my album or what had been done of it in 2018, and one of those songs was ‘Dancing With the Devil’ so she knew about the story behind it and everything.”

Ariana’s reaction to Demi’s harrowing OD-themed track was to write a brand new song for her talented pal.

“She’s a close friend of mine so she knew my story pretty well,” Demi continues, “She started writing this song, she actually thought about me and she wrote the song with me in mind.”

Ariana Wanted To Do ‘Mystery Vocals’

Even though Ari put her heart and soul into writing this track for her friend, she didn’t initially want to sing it with Demi. She tried to pass the song over without actually collaborating on the vocals. When Demi asked her to keep her voice in the song, Ariana actually suggested she’d just be a mysterious secret additional voice harmonizing with Demi’s own.

“She played it for me, and I was like ‘I love it, you should just stay on the track,’ and she was like ‘no no, I’ll be like mystery harmony lady,'” recalls Demi to the radio interviewer.

Thankfully Demi was able to convince her otherwise.

“I was like ‘the world would love to hear us together, like we should do that,’ and she was like ‘are you sure?’ And I was like ‘yes,”‘ Demi laughs. “And so she added her vocals.”

Fans are glad she did, but nobody seems happier than Demi about sharing this song with someone she loves and admires: “She’s so talented, she’s so great, I’m so grateful to have a friend like her.”


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