WATCH: Scarlett Johansson, adorable in this viral video as a child


The truth is, it is very funny to see artists when they were little. Videos in which we remember how creative Selena Gomez was or photos in which we observe how cute Zendaya was when she played basketball, how handsome Alejandro Speitzer was or how promising Regé-Jean Page was are just some of the latest examples.

Now a video of Scarlett Johansson with ten years is the one that has gone viral, since Conan O’Brien He has shared it on his YouTube profile. The presenter, who has a podcast very often, has recalled his’ 90s talk show and, after talking about Scarlett’s passage through him (as a child he had a section in which she called herself Sarah Hughes), has published this video .

In it, a small and eloquent Scarlett appears to spell a few words and demonstrate her talent, and the ‘clip’ is not wasted. Reminds you of someone?

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Scarlett, who will premiere the expected ‘Black Widow’ on July 9, began to be part of the entertainment industry since the early 90s. When she was a teenager, back in 99, she became one of the young promises of Hollywood and, over time, she has become the 360 ​​artist (as Paquita Salas would say) that she is today. But very few remember these little steps he did as a child.

In the comments that are read on the Internet, apart from talking about how smart she was, some fans have pointed out that it reminds them a lot of Emma Watson when I was the same age. That way of expressing herself, so sure of herself with only ten years old …, has astonished, to say the least, her fans.

And the truth is that in this video Emma has a very Scarlett air …

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