3 Househelps Caught Doing The Unthinkable (See What They Did + Photos)


3 unbelievable stories.

Househelps. They come in many shapes and sizes. They come to serve many different purposes. Some help is needed to assist with household chores around the house, especially so if it’s a big family seeking assistance. Some other help is for the older people who need help taking care of themselves. And then there are the househelps hired by the affluent to take care of all the menial and strenuous jobs they’d much rather not do.

Whatever the purpose of the housemaid, he/she’s main responsibility is to HELP. To take care of the home.

So what happens when the person that you’ve brought in to take care of the house turns around and becomes the one who’s destroying it.

That is what we’ll be looking at today. Here are 3 different stories of housemaids/househelps doing unthinkable things.

Are you ready to dive into this story? Then let’s go.

Story #1.

In this video, we see a house help named Fiona who is being confronted about a key. Watching the video, it is unclear what is going on but fear not, I have the caption that came along with this video. So this is what happened:

Trusting your househelps at your own perils

I am going to post here. This is not hearsay. The voice is that of my cousin. In the video is the househelp he employed 8 days ago. She was left in the master bedroom for a few minutes, she removed his door key and substituted with a similar key. When he tried to lock his door with the similar key, the door did not lock.

He assumed the lock had a problem. The following day she went into the room after my cousin and his wife had gone to work. Unfortunately, he came back home while she was in his room . She hid in the bathroom . Unfortunately for her, my cousins one year old child went in and saw her there. The baby kept on smiling at her, that made his father go into the bathroom and behold, there she was, behind the door.

We really have to be careful where and how we employ helps.

God help us in this country of ours. Amen.

Wow! Can you imagine. Now it all makes sense when you read the caption and you put the video together.

Fiona took out her boss’ room key from among his bunch of keys and replaced it with a fake one so that she would have access to his room.

Can you imagine?! So if now she actually got away with it and the fake key actually worked, this man would have been thinking he had the key to his room on him at all times not knowing that this Fiona actually had another version of the key. If things started going missing, the man would be racking his brain confused because in his mind, he’s the only one with access to his key.

Wow! We really do have to be careful.

Story #2.

Now this next story is just…I don’t have words for it yet and I don’t even know if I blame the girl. Okay, so here is the story.

You see that bottle above her head, it is filled with urine.

According to reports, a 19-year-old Kenyan house maid was caught allegedly using her urine to prepare her Mombasa-based employer’s meals.

According to reports, she did it in response to the maltreatment she had been receiving from her boss.

One day, following reports of housemaids maltreating kids left in their care, the employer decided to install CCTVs around the house. This was how he was able to catch the unnamed housemaid. In fact, according to reports, he caught her urinating into a pot of soup that she was preparing.

It was while speaking to the police that the girl finally opened up to the fact that in addition to just urinating into his meals, she also kept a bottle of urine in case she wasn’t feeling like peeing at the moment of cooking. She had been using this urine to prepare all of the employer’s meals. According to her, she did it to punish her boss for continually maltreating her.


There’s really a lot here. On the one hand, what the hell? Not her urinating into his pot and even keeping some urine for later meals. But then on the other hand, shame on the boss for continually maltreating her.

This case is just all-around a huge mess.

Final Story.

This is a very straight-forward story.

A Facebook user by the name of Hrm Abimbola Abiola Abolanle posted strange pictures of his house help with the caption:

This house help was brought to my house three days Ago ….. All this was found with him in his room. Olugbowun. Asegbee. Alupayida.

For those who don’t know, those three final words are the names of different charms.

The house help came into this man’s house with charms already decked in his bag.


The number of stories that I keep hearing about things like this is honestly staggering to me.

The Facebook user went on to post more pictures. I mean, take a look.


I guess what is the moral of this lesson? That we need to be careful.

As much as housemaids can be a very big help, you have to be very careful in picking who you allow into your home.

Oh, and also please do not maltreat or harass anybody paid to work for you. Simply because you pay them doesn’t mean you have any right to hit or abuse them.

Let us all be safe out there. Thank you so much for reading and please be sure to like my page if you’re not already so you don’t miss out on new and interesting stories that I bring to you every single day!

That’s All.


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