9 Popular Female Celebrities Who Have Raised Beautiful Daughters (Photos)


Most Women take pride in knowing that they have raised a beautiful daughter. Female celebrities are not left out in this case. While some are still grooming their daughters, some have raised beautiful ladies, who can now take responsibility as a woman.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 9 popular female celebrities who have raised beautiful daughters.

1. Regina Askia

The Nigerian actress and American based healthcare practitioner Regina Askia, has raised two beautiful daughters named Teesa Olympia and Stephanie Hornecker.

She had Teesa with her American husband Rudolph Williams While Stephanie was with her previous ex-partner.

Photos of Regina Askia’s eldest daughter Stephanie Hornecker.

Stephanie is a YouTuber, a model and a brand influencer.

Photos of Regina Askia’s second daughter Teesa Olympia.

Teesa has gone into the Nigerian movie industry as she aspires to be a renowned actress.

2. Madonna

The American music legend who is most times referred to as the Queen of Pop is a mother to a 24years old beautiful daughter named Lourdes Leon. Lourdes is a model who is into fashion. She seems to be a promising model.

(Photos of Lourdes Leon)

Madonna had Lourdes with her ex-partner Carlos Leon.

3. Mel B

The popular English singer, songwriter and tv personality Melanie Janine Brown, has also raised a beautiful daughter named Phoenix brown. Her daughter is a model who has represented top brands in the industry.

(Photos of Phoenix Brown)

4. Jada Pinkett Smith

The American actress Jada Pinkett Smith, has a beautiful 20 years old daughter named Williow who she had with her husband Will Smith. Willow has made fame for herself as a singer, rapper, dancer and actress.

(Photos of Williow Smith)

5. Iyabo Ojo

The Hollywood Yoruba actress has raised a beautiful daughter named Priscilla Ojo. Priscilla Ojo is a model and brand influencer who has established her presence in the online world with an amassed fan base of over 1.5 million Instagram followers.

(Photos of Priscilla Ojo)

She recently graduated from Babcock University.

6. Linda Graham

Linda Graham has raised a supermodel names Ashley Graham, who use her platform to promote positive body image, encouraging fashion for all body types irrespective of body size. Linda and her daughter sometimes join forces in modelling different outfits. Here are a few photos of mother and daughter modelling different swimsuits.

7. Liza Bonet

The American veteran actress and activist Lisa Bonet had raised a beautiful daughter named Zoe Kravitz. Lisa had Zoe with her ex-partner before her marriage to Jason Momoa. Zoe has established herself as a renowned actress in the American movie industry. She is also a singer and a model.

(Photos of Zoe Kravitz)

8. Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos is a popular American model and an Instagram sensation. She had her daughter Ashley at a teenage age. Bernice has raised Ashley to follow her step in the modelling industry.

(Photos of Ashley Graham)

9. Waje

The popular Nigerian female singer Waje has raised a beautiful 22 years old daughter named Emerald. She had emerald when she was a teenager and as such she must be proud of the height she has raised her.

(Photos of Emerald)


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