How Do You Spend The Money Donated By IMF For COVID-19 – Simi Questioned Nigerian Government

Money Donated By IMF

Nigerian Female artist, Simi has responded to fund gotten by the Nigerian Government notwithstanding the coronavirus pandemic which has executed around a 100 people.

As of late, the International Monetary Fund, IMF, gave Nigerian $3.4 billion as emergency fund to help in the nation battle coronavirus.

In response, Simi thinks about how the money is being spent when the individuals of Nigeria aren’t in any way benefiting from it, read more here.

“Sigh, who is collecting all these ones they keep giving us? Because the people damn sure not seeing any of it”, Simi tweeted.

Then, Nigeria just came back from a five weeks lockdown which had numerous residents gripe of hunger with no palliatives gotten from the government.

The Federal Government has, notwithstanding, cautioned that the nation is probably going to go under lockdown again if rules given for the simplicity of lockdown are not conformed to.


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