ELECTION 2023: Top 6 Reasons Why Your Votes Might Not Count (SEE HERE)


With 4 days left to the 2023 general elections, TRIBUNE


has highlighted the top 6 mistakes that will make a ballot paper to be rejected on election day.

Below are the six reasons your ballot paper will be rejected on election day:

1. If your choice as a voter is not clear. For instance, if your vote falls equally between boxes of two political parties, as represented below.

2. Your ballot paper will only be accepted if it is signed, stamped and dated by the presiding officer. Ensure your ballot is authenticated before casting your vote.

3. Another reason a ballot paper will be rejected on election day is when it is not thumb printed, otherwise known as a “blank ballot” or “unvoted ballot”.

4. When your ballot contains any writing or mark that identifies you as a voter. For example, when you have your name written on the ballot before, during, or after voting.

5. When you have a ballot paper containing the name of the candidate rather than his party logo or acronym.

6. If your ballot paper has more than one cast. For instance, when a voter casts his vote for Party A and Party B, respectively.


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