Drama As Woman Slaps H..0..r.n..y Slay Queen For T..o.u.c.h.i.ng Her Husband’s P..£.n.i.$ In Public [Watch Video]


A video currently circulating on social media captures the moment an angry woman slapped a slay queen who grabbed her husband’s m…a.n.h.0.0.d with i..m.p.u.nity at a mall.

From the footage, the unknown lady walks pass the couple and touched the man’s j..o.y.s.t…i..c.k for no reason.

Instead of walking away, she leans back in and fondles it even more and the “wifey” did not let her go without a beating.

After s..l.a.p.p.i.ng her in the face, the enraged woman also hits her partner severally supposedly for allowing the lady to touch him like that.

The incident which happened at a mall had passers-by attempting to get the situation under control but the woman was not having any of it.

Netizens are amazed, however, how the woman in question could slap her hubby too for doing absolutely nothing wrong

Check out the video below :



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