Farmers In Gombe Now Cultivate Marijuana Instead Of Grains – NDLEA Reveals


Leader of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Gombe State, Aliyu Adole, has wailed over the diversion of farmers from grain to weed cultivation, particularly in the southern Gombe.

Adole revealed this in a meeting with The PUNCH’s journalist on Friday in Gombe.

He stated, “Throughout the years we have seen that Cannabis cultivators have moved to southern Gombe State. It is giving us migraine how rather than them to occupy to grain peoduction a large number of them have begun Indian Hemp Cultivation and that has carried the State to the realm light.

“We are truly attempting to see that a portion of these issues are handled particularly with the present arrangement of service of inside security and opiate unit by the State government which will work with NDLEA, to guarantee that drug business is no more in the State.

“Just as of late, drug stores were looked to guarantee that controlled substances are stopped from circulation,” he said.

Adole included that around 70 percent of young people between 15 to 35 years misuse drug in Gombe State.

He noticed that his Command in 2019 effectively held onto 845.034kg drugs in the state.

He stated, “We have been working resolutely from the initiation of my allotment as Commander till date. The present and past organizations of the State has helped our Agency to see that drug abuse from 70% of 15-35 years, who are influenced is diminished to the bearest least.”

The State Commander clarified that from January 2019 to 31st of December 2019, the drug war has been effective taking note of that the direction captured 69 suspects while 18 are right now in court.

“The greater part of these cases are at different phases of preliminary. As the case progress, they might be released or cleared or even sentenced. We had the option to expel from course 845.034kg drugs in Gombe. note that two noblemen were captured with cannabis 322 and 328kg summing 650kg,” he said.


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