“I Love D.0.g.g.y Style Than Any Other S…..e…x S.t.y.l.e, It’s The Best – Nurse Recommends


Ghanaian nurse and pharmacist, Lina Serwaa has revealed that d…0.g..g.y s..e..x style is her favourite style among all the sec styles known to c.o.u.p.l.e.s.

Speaking in an interview with First Lady of Newsgist.com.ng on the ‘Adwuma Adwuma’ show, Lina Serwaa disclosed that d0ggy s..e..x style is the best among all the styles known to her because it helps in stress releasing.

She made this disclosure after First Lady asked of her stance on the legalization of l…e…s…b…i…a..n and g..a…y.

According to her, the best moment in a man’s life is making love to the opposite s..e.x.
As a trained nurse, Lina said s..e..x even helps one to sleep and relax his or her muscles and so she won’t on any day endorse same-s…e…x marriage.

Watch the video below;



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