“I Miss You” – Nkem Owoh Remembers His Late Colleague, Sam Loco Efe


Nkem Owoh, known as Osuofia, recalls the exit of his colleague and friend Sam Loco Efe.

A comic book star with over 70K followers on his instagram deleted post.

In their movie, Osuofia and Sam Loco Efe entertained a lot of Nigerians during their prime.

While Osuofia is alive and in good health, Sam Loco Efe died years ago. Nkem Owoh has not forgotten the moments he shared with him.

Nkem Owoh is a Nigerian actor and comedian. In 2008, he won the African Movie Academy Award for “Best Actor in a Leading Role” for his role in the Nigerian film, “Stronger than Pain”. While his colleague Sam Loco Efe is a fallen hero and a legendary Nollywood comic actor, television personality and a comedian.

Osuofia caption a word accompanied by other emojis that depicts his feelings.

“Funny one… I miss you Sam Loco.”

What do you say ? Hope you enjoyed Nkem Owoh and Sam Loco Efe ‘s combo in the movies . They are undoubtedly irreplaceable.


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