If You Think “Life Is Hard” On You, Read How Prisoners Are Suffering In Kirikiri


There are different phases in life that control every aspect of our daily situations even when we don’t want it that way.

The truth is our everyday life does not belong to us as time and circumstances overtake all situations, rendering our human wisdom redundant.

Consequently, this world is filled with mystery; mystery no one can really explain only to add different meanings to it in our own perspective. A man will never know the grace and freedom he enjoys until he visits Kirikiri maximum prison to check out how life is ironically beautiful there for inmates.

We go on, eat when we want, sleep anytime do all sorts of activities as we wish, but there are thousands of people out there whose only property is the oxygen they breathe in.

Prison in Nigeria is a very poor place for even animals to not to mention human. The system at which it is organised is very poor, and you will see inmates sleep on each other, poop on their body if care is not taken and various other inhumane things they experience.

The inmates look so unkempt for, the sad story there is even that some of them are still awaiting trial as they continue to rot in jail.

I can’t say for those abroad, the situation of prison life could be compared to a middle-class lifestyle here. They are fed at a fixed time, they engage in recreational activities to keep them physically fit. The only thing they lack there is the inability to see behind prison walls.

If a Nigerian who is on a verge of committing a crime, could be taken to Kirikiri maximum prison such an individual will quickly change his/her decision.

Please as a Nigerian, and an African can’t say for other developed nation, don’t try committing a crime that will make you a member of the most horrifying candidate of Kirikiri. That might be the worst decision you would ever make and will regret it badly.

May God have mercy on us.


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