Lady Called Out Ex-boss For Snatching Her Fiancé, Narrates How She Used Egusi Soup To Get Him


A young lady, Ashley Nwosu who called out her former employer for allegedly snatching her man and treating her unfairly, has shared new information on the matter.

A post was made earlier that she accused the ex-boss known as Christabel of snatching her fiancé despite all the sacrifices she made for the woman’s business to grow.

In her words; ”My boss (she’s on this twitter) who I worked for, for two good years. Built with her from the scratch. When the business was failing I worked for her for free, until she was finally able to pay.


What did she pay me back with? Snatched my Fiancé and fired me while at it. Humans!”

Sharing her side of the story, the businesswoman said she never dated the man in question, and all she did was to help him leave the abusive relationship he was in with Ashley.

Christabel said; ”Let me make this clear. I never dated him, All I felt for him was concern.

The therapist advised him to leave the abusive relationship he had with Chidinma. I checked up on him often though and he tried to kiss me on several occasions but I DECLINED.”

In response, the ex-employee said that her former boss offered him Egusi soup and sent seductive photos of herself to get her fiancé.

Ashley wrote; ”So offering to make Eguisi for him was part of the liberation?

Sending him pictures of your behind, making cake for him on his birthday, that’s how you liberate people?”


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