Man Arrested In United Arab Emirates For Smuggling Raw Diamonds Worth $90,000 (Dh330,588) In His Gut (See His X-Ray Photo)


A unidentified man has been captured by experts in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates subsequent to being trapped possessing raw diamonds which were disguised in his gut similarly as hard drugs are smuggled.

Affirming his capture, the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) said it got wind of his expectation days before he was captured following a tip-off that an African proposed to carry the raw diamonds into the country by smuggling them through Sharjah International Airport.

“At the point when the suspect came to Sharjah Customs, his identification was appropriated and his bags were searched. After carrying out an X-ray, authorities found that the traveler had swallowed 297g of raw diamonds, which were worth around $90,000 (Dh330,588).”


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