Man Born With Rare Bone Disorder Finally Marries The Love Of His Life (See Wedding Photos)


The saying that there is someone for everyone has been proven with the case of a man born with brittle bone disease who tied the knot with a woman that loves him dearly.

The woman identified as Mayfair Clement shared the beautiful love story of how she met her boo, Winston Ben and got married.

In a recent Instagram post, she celebrated her husband, Winston Ben Clements who was born with brittle bones disorder and is confined to a wheelchair met Mayfair at an event and it didn’t take long before he stole her heart.

Mayfair stated that they stumbled on ‘something magic and could both feel it in our bones’.

She wrote: “Marry the one you can be all parts of yourself with.⁣ I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you. ⁣We had just wrapped up our first @tldmmastermind event and we could both feel it in our bones – we’d stumbled on something magic.⁣

After that we talked the whole night, too tired and too connected to filter anything and for the first time I saw you.⁣ Like really saw you. ⁣Not as the speaker.⁣”

Brittle bone disease medically known as Osteogenesis imperfecta, is a group of inherited disorders characterized by fragile bones that break easily.

It is caused by defective genes which affect how the body makes collagen, a protein that helps strengthen bones.


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