MUST READ!!! 5 End Of The Year Advices You Must Heed To If You Want To See The End Of 2020 (No. 3 Is Very Vital)


Hello readers,

As this year is finally drawing to a dead end, we have put together few intriguing ideas that could be useful to end the year 2020 as it’s gradually coming to a close.

The year 2020 had been very much challenging, bizarre and quite unexplainable with a lot going on around, not just in Nigeria or Africa but in the world at large.

Now straight to business…

1. Continue To Take Precautions

Even when it seems like the pandemic; Covid-19 was escalated and over hyped in Nigeria as speculated, the virus is still as much as real.

With the United Kingdom and other top European countries taking measures to avoid the second wave of the virus, therefore, it’s safe and advisable to continue to follow medical procedures so as to have a better end to the year health wise.

2. Don’t Copy Anybody

As the year draws to an end gradually, especially towards the end of the year celebrations, it’s not a must to do what others do.

Cut your cloth according to your size. Budget well and live within your limits except you want to have a detty december and a bambiala January 🤣🤣

3. Reach Out To Others

There is a usual saying that “anybody you have the capability to help, they become the people next to you, take care of them”.

Undoubtedly, the rich are created for the poor; though in this case you don’t need to be very rich or wealthy, but do as little as you can to reach out to others who are in serious need.

The pandemic virus no doubt had much negative influence on the world’s economies, making the poor poorer. It is therefore important to care for others and reach out to them, you too in one way or the other would be definitely cared for, it’s a law of nature.

4. Be Security Conscious

There must not be any form of unnecessary or illegal movements. Go to secure places that feel very vital or add value. Don’t walk or travel about aimlessly.

The year has been hard already and some people are looking for ways to make ill-money. Ritualist and Kidnappers are roaming about looking for people to kill for their useless means.

Stay home and enjoy anyhow you can with your family.

5. Pray More

As the year draws to a dead end, believers all around the world should pray, not just to end the year well, but to have a very much better year ahead.

Pray for 2021 to be a good year for you and your family. All you are unable to achieve in 2020 should be done for you easily come 2021.. Pray!!!

Thanks for reading..


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