Nigerian Female Student In Viral Babcock University S** x Tape Gets International Scholarship (See photos)

Babcock University student sextape

The female student of Babcock University who went viral on social media a year ago in the wake of showing up in a sex tape, has been offered an international scholarship.

If you recall, the student was expelled by the managemnet of the school after a video showing her and an ex-student of the school having sex surfaced on the internet.

According to a Nigerian medical doctor, Dr Ola Brown who took interest in the case after her expulsion from Babcock University, her scholarship in a foreign country has been fully paid.

He took to Twitter to break the news, which served as a follow up to an update he made on the student in June.

He wrote:-

Just made her scholarship payment. She will be travelling out to study in the next few months. Future head of the IMF/World Bank loading by God’s grace


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