Nigerian Woman Gifts Herself A House On Her Birthday After Her Man Offered Himself As ‘Collateral’


A Nigerian woman, Linda Akachukwu-Paul, has gifted herself a house in the Lekki area of Lagos as in celebration of her birthday gift.

Linda took to Facebook to show off the house which she was able to get after her man presented himself as collateral.

The woman said she intends to make the crib her official workplace/shop that will house all her products.

She also narrated how her man encouraged her to buy the house even when she was a bit scared that she won’t meet up with the payment.

According to Linda, he offered himself to be the collateral if she cannot meet up with the payment.

In her words:

“I’m trying so hard to hold the tears…

Right behind me is my BIRTHDAY GIFT to myself. A four bedroom duplex in Lekki. My office space. This place will house everything “Pdf”.

We are introducing “Pdf Logistics” this month too to cater for your deliveries.

Ever since I started my business, I have been working from home. Yes you heard me. I converted my room to my office and almost every corner in the house became a packing store. The challenges?? Story for another day. I had to deal with people not trusting me unless they pay on delivery. Some called me a scammer because I told them it’s an online store and they can’t come for pick up.

At some point, I could afford to pay for a store but I was seeing the bigger picture. I wanted to own the office. When this opportunity came, I ran o. I gave 1 million reasons why I couldn’t afford to buy it until Babyboy stepped in to push me. He asked what my fear was and I told him what if I didn’t meet up with the payment? Landlord ga akpupum EFCC . He said I should go ahead. I can always use him as collateral. Why should I be afraid when I have him? That was the assurance that cleared my fears.

And my friend Lily Oluchi, she literally dragged me like a goat going to slaughter until I made my first commitment. Talk about friends who wants to see you win with them.

Dear entrepreneurs, your dream is valid! Yes you can achieve that which you set your mind to achieve. This house was my priority and I didn’t care if I was driving a low grade car. I put in all the effort to achieve this dream.

There is so much you can do on this space to earn a decent living. Come out of your shell and push your business aggressively. I do not want to bore you with long stories today.

Meet the latest Landlady in town! And yes you can tap from this blessing. It is genuine . My sweat and blood. Your congratulations are in order now!.

Thank you Almighty Father for this blessing . I couldn’t have done this without you. Imeela!!! I return all the glory to you!

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