Slay Queen Mistakenly Displays Her “P…u…$…$…y” Whilst T..w…£..r… On Facebook Live [18+ VIDEO]


In as much as the internet and social media are two powerful tools one can harnessed productively, the new crop of young women and teenagers under the generic name ‘slay queen’ are causing havoc with it.

So in this viral video we came across, this unidentified girl who seems to have so much time on her hands, decided to do some w.i.l.d t..w.£.r.k.i.n.g to thrill her friends.
Amidst her dance, she started pu.l.ling her m..i…n.i s.k.i.rt up bit by bit after which she continued with her dance.

Unfortunately, she displayed it (as a result of the s.k.i.r.t she pulled up) and upon realizing that her p..a..r.t has inadvertently showed, she stopped the recording and run off and came back to grab the phone.



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