Watch The Moment Sunday Igboho Removes His Clothes As Security Agents Attempt To Arrest Him (Video)


There seems to be tension as Joint Security Operatives try to arrest Sunday Igboho along Lagos-Ibadan Express way. According to the report bon Vanguard, Igboho was traveling to Lagos to visit Chief Ayo Adebanjo, a Yoruba leader and an Elder statement.

As can be seen in the video posted on Vanguard, there were a lot of youths shouting in resistance to the arrest. Igboho was spotted in the video as he had already removed his shirt, wearing only trousers. Looking at his mood, one can easily understand that he was even very ready to fight the security Operatives because there was no joy in his face at all.

As it stands now, it seems the issue is still on ground, as Vanguard has not made any update whether the security Operatives later succeeded in arresting him or not.

Watch Video Here


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