Why You Should Give Your ATM Card To Your Man — Actress Bewaji Oyediji Reveals (VIDEO)


Actress Omobewaji Oyediji has challenged her gender who are in relationships to occasionally release their ATM cards to their husbands or boyfriend for them to withdraw whatever amount they want and spend on themselves.

She encouraged ladies to be more generous towards their partners because the responsibility men carry as providers is not an easy job.

In other news, Media personality cum Nollywood actress, Toke Makinwa has buttressed a point, made by Dr Joe Abah about men giving their women money even if they are rich.

Per the post Toke Makinwa shared, as a man, your woman shouldn’t really be running out of phone credit and even if your woman has millions in her account, give her ‘small cash occasionally and watch her dance in jubilation’.

Dr Joe stated that irrespective of the financial pressure a man has, he should remember that money for food comes first and excuses should not be given when it’s time to provide.

He made the point when sharing how he was able to keep his marriage for 25 years going.

Toke Makinwa, obviously agreeing with the post she reshared on her Instagram story opined that no matter ‘how rich your woman is, just give her money.’

Watch the video below:


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