“I Must Marry A Man From Abeokuta”- Bimbo Akisanya Announce


Nigerian actress Bimbo Akisanya has written a note to any partners describing the qualities she will be searching for in a partner.

Bimbo Akisanya who has been bragging about her single status for the past few weeks, took to Instagram to identify the specific tribe from which she will select her partner.

She claimed that she would only marry a man from Abeokuta.

She considers Abeokuta men’s romantic nature as her justification. Bimbo used a screenshot from WhatsApp of a possible partner praising her in his native tongue to support her claim.

The actress continued, saying that his romantic gesture when she woke up changed her perspective on the kind of partner she desires.

She wrote;

“So sweet waking up to this, I must marry omo Abeokuta this time around abi bawo????”.

See what the unknown person sent to her below;


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