Fulani Man Reveals What Will Happen To Igbos If The North Wakes Up & Decide To Leave ‘One Nigeria’


Few days after this Fulani man, Adamu Garba, was praised for speaking up on the activities of herdsmen in the Southern part of Nigeria, he has come again with another controversy.

This time around, he came for the heads of those always against Fulani people and the north in general.

In a long post he made few hours ago on his social media page, Adamu Garba revealed all that will befall the Igbos and other southerners if the north wakes up one day and decide to leave Nigeria.

According to him, the North is the only region in Nigeria that practically have everything, yet its people suffer the most.

Mentioning how beneficial their say as ‘one Nigeria’ is, he said that the North is the single largest supplier of raw materials in all Nigerian industries, from food through agriculture and cloths to shelter through cements and other building materials available in Northern rocks.

After listing out all the Natural resources found in the north, he went further to say that the North also controls the flow of the River Niger. That if they decide to erect a barricade for the flow of river Niger to the east, all the rivers like Imo River, Onitsha River and rivers in Delta state with drinkable water and fresh fish will cease and the water will eventually dry up.

Speaking about the ‘One Nigeria’, Adamu Garba said that he is not even sure if Northerners are happy with the union. “If perhaps we have a constitutional provisions for referendum, any region, especially Biafra, if they choose Nnamdi Kanu than a union of Nigeria, the North will most welcome the outcome with a huge relief.


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