MUST READ!!! The Beginning And The End Of Adam Oshiomhole’s Political Career & Godfatherism


Who Is Adams Oshiomhole?

Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, is a Nigerian politician and the former national chairman of the All Progressive Congress. Who had previously served as the president of Nigeria Labour Congress from 1999 to 2007 and the executive governor of Edo State, Nigeria from 2008 to 2016.

A man lifted from tailoring to labour chairman without School certificate. From labour chairman to Edo state Governor without the necessary credentials. From Governor to national chairman of ruling party (APC). Isn’t that God grace?

All of a sudden, he became so arrogant, turned himself into a political godfather and wanted to be praised and worshiped. They call him all kinds of names like,”Oshio lion,Oshio Tiger, Oshio Thunder” ,he forgot it was God grace that puts him there.

He grew so much wings and Buhari decided to cut the wings a little by allowing PDP to win the Edo state governorship election with an embarrassing margin.

“Oshio lion,Oshio Tiger, Oshio Thunder” is now Osho pikin and Osho bomboy. chai life no balance.🤦

Oshio see you..see prison soon. You may serve Nigeria government but maybe in prison.

You called Obaseki a lizard politician at channel TV and called yourself the Lion but the lizard has successfully retired the Lion without pension rights.

Presently, Oshiomole is no longer relevant both in state and federal level. The remaining thing is to take your beautiful wife away from you. 😂

Moral Lesson: FEAR GOD! Be humble and respectful. Same people that lifted you up, and can bring you down.


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