Nigeria Never Begged Madagascar For Cure, They Gave Us – Federal Government

madagascar coronavirus cure

# Madagascar coronavirus cure.

Government said yesterday it didn’t ask Madagascar to supply its COVID-19 cure to Nigeria, clarifying that the nation gave the solution which was accepted in the spirit of African brotherhood.

The legislature additionally declared that it has set up measures to reconsider its National Response to COVID-19, saying rising improvements showed there was requirement for an adjustment in strategies, read more news here.

Executive of the PTF and Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, Mr Boss Mustapha, excused hypotheses that Nigeria may have approached Madagascar for a supply of its COVID-19 natural, rather than advancing neighborhood specialists for a cure.

He said:-

“The issue of Madagascar. Let me explain that Nigeria did not ask Madagascar for any solution. That has to be very clear because I have seen some narratives out there giving credence to a line of story.

”That, for me, is only distractive. Nigeria did not ask.

The Madagascan government chose to carrier amounts implied for African nations thus that of West Africa was transported to Guinea-Bissau. In this way, all the individuals from ECOWAS have their products off-stacked in Guinea-Bissau and that was the one I alluded to, that we were making game plans to clear, read more news here. # Madagascar coronavirus cure.

”But the impression out there was as if we abandoned homegrown solutions and were looking for Madagascan solution. We did not ask for it, but it was taken in the spirit of brotherly love, or African brotherly love.

”We have asked our ambassador there to establish the location, the quantity etc. He has done that. We have to make an arrangement for its freighting out of Guinea-Bissau. There are no flights, so there are so many things we have to consider.

Madagascar coronavirus cure.


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