Northerners Without Education Are The Ones Ruling Nigeria – Senator Femi Okurounmu


Northerners Without Education Are The Ones Ruling Nigeria – Femi Okurounmu

Senator Femi Okurounmu, a pioneer of Afenifere,has said that Nigeria is being ruled by Northerners, whom he described as having practically next to zero education.

Okurounmu, the leader of afenifere while talking on the country’s 21 years of uninterrupted majority rules system, expressed dismay that numerous Southern young people who graduated from the college with passing marks are meandering the avenues without any jobs, saying Northerners are the ones getting employed.

“As far as improvement, Nigeria has been going extremely dangerous downhill since 1999. Destitution has been expanding at a disturbing rate.

The degree of youth joblessness is over half. Consistently, we start new universities, however the results of these universities, what jobs have we prepared for them? The vast majority of them graduated without jobs; they have their authentications.

The guardians struggled and struggled so they endure universities, since we so much worth education in our own piece of the country.

Be that as it may, after the battle of the guardians, the kids come out with the levels, they start to meander the lanes jobless. What’s more, the vast majority of the jobless young people in Nigeria are southerners since they don’t give a lot of significant worth to education in the North. 

“In the event that a Southerner goes to class with a Northerner. On the off chance that the Southerner gets a top notch and the Northerner scarcely pushes through just to graduate.

In the event that they go after a position, the Northerner will be given the activity and inside a couple of years, he will end up being the chief.

“The Northerners with practically next to zero education are the ones decision the country in each aspect. In all aspects of the country, they are in control. All the supposed exceptionally educated Southerners are wandering about without jobs.

To discover satisfaction, they should discover out of the country. Nigeria is not, at this point a spot where Yoruba children and little girls who are educated can live and discover satisfaction; they need to leave the country.”

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