Why We Did Not Fix The Third Mainland Bridge During The Lockdown- Lagos State Commissioner For Transportation Explains

Frederic Oladeinde

Ahead of the planned partial closure of the third mainland bridge beginning from this Friday, July 24.

the Lagos state Commissioner for Transportation, Frederic Oladeinde has clarified why why the maintenance works for the bridge weren’t carried out during the lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a meeting with TVC toward the beginning of today July 20, Oladeinde said

”When we had COVID, nobody understood it and also remember that the people we were sending to fix the road are also human beings so we needed to understand the evolution of COVID and how we would then structure the guidelines around it.

So it was important to keep everybody away because our number one priority is to make sure everybody is safe and that we do not lose anybody.

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And secondly, the lockdown period was only a month and this maintenance is about six months so irrespective we would have still gone pass the lockdown and the people would have still been affected”

The 11km bridge which links the mainland and the Island, will be partially closed for repairs beginning from July 24 till sometime in January.


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