EXPLAINED. Why Naomi Osaka doesn’t play many tournaments like Serena Williams


Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams have something in common right now: they do not play many tournaments.

However, Naomi and Serena are in different stages of their career. The 23-time slam champion has to preserve her body for being 100% ready for the slams. In addition, Serena wants to spend as much time as she can with her daughter Olympia. On the other side, Naomi has recently stated that she doesn’t like to play many tournaments because she feels homesick and can get burned out very easily.

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During a recent press conference in Miami, Naomi revealed:

“I don’t really play that many tournaments, but, yeah, I think for me just playing, I guess, playing on the tour for a while, I have sort of learned what works for me.

I have always noticed that I’m not the type of player that really needs that many tournaments to feel a groove. In fact, I sort of started feeling like it was the opposite. I would get kind of burned out more quickly if I played more tournaments. So, yeah, I think that’s the reason why I play the schedule that I play now.”

Naomi will play her next tournament in Madrid in three weeks’ time (26th of April). She hit the headlines for canceling her participation in Stuttgart, the tournament that will take place right before Madrid.


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