Naomi Osaka Reveals Her Biggest Motivators


Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has been a very successful tennis player. Back in 2018-19, she won two Grand Slams consecutively and also became the world number one. These successes have led to her being a role model for many young players. Naomi has now spoken about what it means to be looked up to by the younger players. She also touches upon those that served as her inspirations.

Naomi Osaka On Role Models

In a recent interview with Nike, Naomi Osaka talked about the first time she realized that she was a role model to others. She said,

“I was playing at a tournament. Someone — a parent — came up to me and told me that they had kids who were biracial too, and that they really appreciated how their kids had a role model to look up to. And just, thank you, for being a good example. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I said. I just know that those words blew me away.”

The Japanese star went on to say that this got her thinking about the people she looked up to. She went on to speak about those individuals that had inspired to dream big.

“People like my mom, who always puts others first. My sister Mari, who drives me crazy sometimes but has been one of my biggest motivators from the beginning. All my tennis heroes — the ones I’ve cheered for, the ones I’ve played, the ones who make me want to level up in every way,” she said.

After having so many idols growing up, Naomi Osaka herself has now become one. This is due to her success back in 2018-19. Unfortunately, she has been having a bad run of form since then. She was trying to play her best tennis again but the coronavirus pandemic suspended the WTA tour.

The WTA Tour has now resumed and the Japanese star will be training hard to be in top form. Her next opportunity to win a Grand Slam is going to come at the 2020 US Open.

Source:: , Nike


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