See Full Details on WWE wanting Becky Lynch to shave her head


Becky Lynch has revealed she refused to shave her head after being pitched the idea by a WWE writer.

Lynch, 34, discussed her WWE career alongside her fiancé, Seth Rollins, at a Gorilla Position live show in December 2019. Several clips from the event have only just been made available for fans to view on the podcast’s YouTube channel.

On the subject of rejected WWE ideas, Rollins reminded Lynch about the time a writer wanted her to shave her head. The former RAW Women’s Champion said the creative team member did not even want her to lose her hair as part of a stipulation.

“Oh yes, yes… No, not even [not in a WWE storyline]. This was the whole pitch that I got sent to by a writer. It was like, ‘What if Becky shaves her head?’ and that was pretty much it. It wasn’t something that I did on TV. It wasn’t I lost my hair in a match. It was just, ‘What if Becky was bald?’ I was like, ‘No!’”

As Becky Lynch alluded to, Hair vs. Hair matches have taken place in WWE for many years.

Molly Holly lost her hair at WrestleMania 20 following a Hair vs. Title match against Victoria. Another former WWE Superstar, Serena Deeb, had her head shaved as part of a storyline with CM Punk in 2010.


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