BREAKING: Access Bank To Refund Stamp Duty Deductions (Read full details)

Access bank stamp duty

Access Bank on Sunday said it will refund its stamp duty deduction made from the account of its aggrieved customers after a social media outcry on Saturday.

Stamp duty deduction apply to all credit got into current and savings bank accounts in regard to electronic exchange and teller deposits of N10, 000 or more. The cash is transmitted to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Brand Spur Nigeria discovered that Access Bank Nigeria has additionally vowed to return deduction made among Saturday and Sunday back to clients.

As indicated by an announcement made on Sunday, the bank said it perceived that it is an extreme period for clients.

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Responding to clients’ responses over the standard conclusions, Access Bank said:-

“We have thought about your criticism and have chosen to pay the stamp duty for our clients ‘behalf for the affected period only,”.

“This implies people and SMEs who were charged for the collected stamp duty charge for February to April 2020 will be discounted.”

In a previous proclamation, the bank had advised clients that it didn’t deduct stamp duty charges on exchanges that happened between February 1, 2020, and April 30, 2020



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