#Love Na Scam!!! US-based 51-Year Old Nigerian Man Sentenced To 3years In Prison For Love Scam On 13 Victims (Photo)

fake relationship

A 51-year-old Nigerian man, Ronayerin Ogolor, has been condemned to three years in jail for commiting internet fraud in the United States.

Ogolor, who naturalized in the US had defrauded a huge number of dollars from 13 casualties from around the US and Italy.

In October 2019, Ogolor conceded to one check of scheme to submit wire extortion and his job in an online love trick that focused singles some of them old searching for adoration on dating locales.

On Thursday, June 18, he was condemned by US Chief District Judge, Beth Phillips, and was requested to pay $871,739 in compensation to his 13 casualties.

Ogolor and his associates made a few web based dating profiles and reached Western ladies ‘with whom they developed a feeling of fondness and regularly sentiment.’ as indicated by an announcement from the US Department of Justice.

When they had created relationship and ‘love’ with their customers, they continued to request cash for emergency clinic charges, travel costs, ‘customs costs,’ ‘golf import assessments,’ or speculation openings and afterward after the casualties pay, they get more cash from the casualties by saying more funds were needed ‘to release the package’ or ‘to pay customs expenses’ on money or gold.

As per an announcement from the US Department of Justice, a few ladies even sold their own property, including houses and vehicles, to fund-raise for Ogolor and his partners.

As indicated by examiners, Ogolor and his associates deceitfully acquired checks from organizations with the assistance of their clueless casualties and opened a few financial balances in his name and in the names of trick organizations where casualties stored their cash into.


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