4 Compulsory Things Muslim Is Asking From Actor Odunlade Adekola (See Here)


According to BBC Yoruba, a Muslim human rights organization called Ta’awunu Human Rights of Nigeria has commented on the movie in which well-known Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola stars.

The movie allegedly denigrated Muslim women. It was learned that the woman who played a Muslim woman in the movie had also been charged with playing the part.

According to information obtained from the Muslim group, Odunlade allegedly performed in the movie with the intent of dehumanizing Muslim women who cover their faces. They claimed that Odunlade remarked in the movie that the Muslim woman who boarded a public transportation system intended to “Iyanna run.” They said that the term “Iyanna run” doesn’t exist anywhere in the nation.

Below are the four things THURIST are asking from Odunlade and TAMPAN ;

1.Stopping the remaining production of the movie ‘Iku Ni’ and removing it from YouTube within seven days.

2.Giving of appropriate punishment to the producer of the movie, Odunlade Adekola in accordance with TAMPAN rules and regulations.

3.Verification of movies that might want to be produced in such way before they are released on the social media.

4.It be made mandatory for the producer of the movie to apologise publicly to THURIST for producing that kind of movie.


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