Federal Government Finally Reacts To Ukraine and Russia Crisis


The Nigerian Federal Government has issued an advisory to Nigerians in Ukraine, saying they are “responsible for their personal security and safety.”

“The embassy urges Nigerian nationals resident in Ukraine to remain calm but be very vigilant and be responsible for their personal security and safety,” the Nigerian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, said in a statement shared on Twitter by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).

Thousands of Nigerians live in Ukraine, many of whom are students in various higher institutions in the country.

Despite threats of a Russian attack on Ukraine since the beginning of the year, no plans were made for the evacuation of the Nigerians.

Russian forces attacked Ukraine Thursday morning in what President Vladimir Putin described as a “special military operation”.

Russia claims it is targeting Ukrainian military installations including air bases but there are fears many civilians have been killed in air raids.

The European Union has vowed to impose heavy sanctions on Russia for the development.


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